QJ 7194 Daba. 29th December 2005

QJ 7194 Daba. 29th December 2005

Brian Hawkins

Hello and welcome to my website "Steam and the Dragon" Chinese Railways
With the demise of Fotopic, i have decided to start again with SmugMug, i had nearly four thousand images on my previous website, so it will take sometime for me to get this "New" site up and running how i would like it.
This is a collection of photographs of Chinese steam taken over a period of years from 1994-2010; the first of the collections shows scenes from my last tour in October/November 2010. (still under construction) I have been very fortunate to have visited China on seventeen occasions and have covered many steam areas, many of which no longer see steam operations. Sadly, the end of steam in China is fast approaching, all steam work has now been eradicated from the state owned China National Railway (CNR) but hundreds of steam locomotives still remain at work all over China today on provincial and industrial railways. For anyone who has ever visited China for steam, I hope this site will bring back some memories of the various locations depicted, and to those who haven't been fortunate enough to witness Chinese steam first-hand, I hope you will find some pleasure in viewing the photographs of my own experiences. This site is dedicated to four special friends in China, Mei Lan Cai, Yong Mei Lou, Gao Lai Jun and Ma Jun Ming.
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